Sign writing glossary

Steel Signs – Made from high quality grade steel with 80% gloss finish coat. Long lasting making it ideal for permanent outdoor signage.

Aluminium Signs – Lightweight, corrosion resistant and suitable for permanent outdoor signage.

Wooden Signs – See Weathertex.

Corflute Signs – Made from a lightweight material ideal for temporary signage such as “For Sale ” Signs.

Acrylic – Rigid material with gloss appearance, UV resistant and ideal for indoor/outdoor signage, lightboxes, fabricated letters & display stands.

Lightbox – Illuminated sign made up of an enclosure containing white-light balanced fluorescent tubes behind a flat translucent acrylic surface on which logo or sign is printed to.

Neon – Glass tube lighting that is bent into shapes. It contains gas and phosphors to create a coloured light.

LED – LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. This means that the signs put out light (glowing photon’s) instead of heat.

Digital – Electronic files containing photos or artwork that can be processed directly to a printing system

Alucobond – Lightweight material consisting of 2 aluminium coversheets and core of polyethylene. Ideal for outdoor use.

Weathertex – Exterior grade wood fibre building board. 9.5mm thick making it dense and resistant to impact. Suitable for indoor or outdoor signage.

Canvas – Polyflax/Cotton Blend Material, ideal for fine art reproductions, photo portraits, museum & gallery displays.

Banner – External – Medium and heavy weight material available stitch welded or with ropes and eyelets. Ideal for outdoors and special events.

Internal – Light weight material which can be mounted to a variety of stands and frames. For use indoors, exhibitions and display stands, hanging and point of sale banners.

Pop Up Banner – Used for indoor display and exhibitions. Banner pulls up from the base using a similar action to a reverse holland blind.


  • True – Uses true solvent ink giving the printing long life at True/Mild/Eco the expense of the resolution.
  • Mild – Uses reduced solvent ink giving the printing good durability and high printing resolution.
  • Eco – Uses low-volatility ink which is water and UV resistant for up to 3 years outdoors.

Pigment – Produces vivid colours and is more durable than dye making it ideal for outdoor signage.

Dye – Produces vivid colours for indoor signs and posters.

Dye Sublimation – A process of thermal diffusion where solid dyes are passed through a heated printer head, the dye is vaporized and diffused onto the printed material.

Lamination – Lamination is the process of permanently bonding clear Hot/Cold plastic film to printed matter.

Vinyl – Material used to make banners, computer cut lettering and Graphics.

Scanning – T ranslating photographs or images into a digital form which can be recognised by a computer.

Image Restoration – Restoration of photographs or images to improve the resolution for printing.

PMS – See Pantone.

Pantone – Standard colour matching system used by design, print and sign industries.